On 25th august 1932 in Brescia, Vittorio Braga - the founder of the company of the above name, the Vittorio Braga Ltd.- was born.
He grew up in a poor family and surrounded by the hard reality of the Second World War. So, during the postwar period, his need to redeem himself from the social and the economic point of view combined with his hunger for work drive Mr. Braga to set out for Switzerland. There, he found a job as a simple worker assigned at the assembly phase of machinery paper industry, at Bobst company. This working position allowed him to go around Europe and to personally meet and know many Bobst’s customers.
The experience and the skills he achieved at Bobst from 1957 to 1969, mixed with the exhortations by Bobst’s customers and with his need of enterprise, convinced Mr. Braga to set up his own company.
On 1st january 1970 his dream of enterprise became a concrete reality to be transmitted to the next generations: the Braga Vittorio Ltd. was born. And so it happened. In fact, during the 80’s, the still twenty-year-old Braga Fabio -Mr. Braga’s son- and Toninelli Antonio -Mr. Braga’s son in law- started working at Braga Vittorio Ltd. After twenty years, in 2002 Mr. Braga Fabio and Mr. Toninelli Antonio founded the Braga Co-partnership of Braga Fabio & Co., a company that, as the family's one, operates in the market of industrial machinery of paper industry, and specialized in  Bobst autoplatine.
During the 40 years of business, first, the Braga Vittorio Ltd. and then, the Braga Co-partnership of Braga Fabio & Co., have  sold more than 84 Bobst autoplatine worldwide.
This accomplishment was and still is possible thanks to the professionalism and the reliability of the founder and the copartners.



Our Company provides different services as:

•         Personal advice;
•         Supply of spare parts (previous checkout of stock);
•         Complete overhaul;
•         Partial overhaul (to accord with customer);
•         Assistance;
•         Assembly and disassembly of machinery;
•         Loading and transfer of machinery;
•         Installation of machinery with a theorical and practical training of personnel assigned at Bobst autoplatine;
•         After sales support. 




The first approach of overhaul consist in disassembling and cleaning of each single part of the Bobst autoplatine.
Then, the overhaul proceed with the substitution of the worn parts by the new ones.
Where necessary, the company offers services concerning the spare part changing, for an efficient function of the machinery.
At the end of the overhaul, the autoplatine proposed can be seen on work and its function it's guaranteed.




All the autoplatine that we propose can be bought by customers with this subsequent modality in order to satisfy all customer's needs:


The autoplatine are controlled and tested, and the spare parts are substituted and/or repaired if necessary. 
We would kindly appreciate to carry out these check outs within our company;


By the customer's request, specific overhaul can be made, but only on previous agreement;


The autoplatine can be also sold in their actual state exactly at their selling point.

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